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From the best restaurants to upcoming shows & events, we have it all. If you’re a local or just visiting, Vegas Local is the guide for you.

What Vegas Local is All About

Vegas Local is your definitive digital gateway to the pulsating heart of Las Vegas. We take pride in being more than just a city guide – we are a vibrant, living and breathing platform that spotlights the endless wonders and unique spots of this radiant city. From hole-in-the-wall local restaurants offering tantalizing culinary adventures, to resplendent hotels serving as your luxurious home away from home, we make the city’s best secrets accessible to you.

Our site delves beyond the glitz and glamour of the infamous Strip to showcase the authentic flavors and character of Las Vegas. Stay ahead of the game with our comprehensive listings and features on upcoming concerts, immersing you in the city’s diverse and dynamic music scene. We also spotlight upcoming conventions, from small-scale industry events to high-profile international gatherings, ensuring that both residents and visitors are in the know.

Our platform is your all-encompassing guide to sporting events too, whether it’s catching a nail-biting ice hockey match of the Vegas Golden Knights, or cheering for the thrilling Las Vegas Raiders in NFL football.

At Vegas Local, our mission is to connect you to the rhythm of local life in Las Vegas, serving as your compass in this city of non-stop excitement. We believe in the spirit of Las Vegas – its energy, its people, and its experiences. And we’re here to help you discover and experience it all. 

Trust Us. We’re Locals.

Trust us, we're local.

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