[May] Holidays To Help Boost Your Social Media Engagement

Finding ways to engage with your audience during the holidays can be tough and knowing which holidays work the best can be even harder. There are unique holidays for every single day of the year, each giving a great opportunity for you to spin it in your favor, no matter how weird or wonderful they all might be.


We wanted to share with you a few special ways to make you stand out this May, strange holiday or not.


May Day — Saturday, May 1st, 2021

The first day of May is traditionally a celebration of flowers and spring, but it can be a great way to engage with your community. Running a giveaway on your social spaces where you could raffle products or discounts through comment engagement is a fun way to interact with your audience.


At the start of every month is also a good time to grow your email marketing or newsletter list. Highlighting promotions through your email or newsletter list on this day would be ideal when looking to increase your audience and reach.


Cinco de Mayo — Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

You don’t have to be a restaurant or a bar to lean onto the holiday of Cinco de Mayo. Incorporating themes from the Mexican holiday can help you resonate with your audience in more ways than just the fun-filled festivities most places highlight.


Celebrating and honoring3 Mexican culture and heritage as well as playing with the number five ( things like $5 discounts, tagging 5 friends on social media, 5-day campaign, etc.) can be a unique and fun way to make you stand out against the crowd.


National Nurses Day — Thursday, May 6th, 2021

We all know that a little bit of appreciation can go a long way, especially for our healthcare workers today. May 6th is the kick-off of National Nurses Week (goes until May 12th), and showing your appreciation on this day and the whole week is a great way for your business to boost engagement with a specific target audience.


Offering promotions and discounts all week for nurses and healthcare workers, as well as highlighting them and their work on your social media spaces is a great way to create engagement and conversations around you and your business.


Mother’s Day — Sunday, May 9th, 2021

A Mother’s Day raffle is a great way to drive engagement and sales. Fully utilizing social media to engage moms on this day with a call-to-action like tagging other moms on your social posts to enter a raffle is a great way to drive more traffic and engagement. Fun promo codes and discounts for things like shipping on products or services you offer directed for the everyday mom is a great way to create incentives and to drive traffic to your site.


National Rescue Dog Day — Thursday, May 20th, 2021

This annual holiday aims to bring awareness to dogs in need of adoption, educating young children about animals, and to encourage spaying and neutering of pets. What better way to highlight and interact with your audience than to showcase the rescued dogs in your own homes and community as well as calling for your audience to share theirs on your social spaces.


Creating a post and a call-to-action can be a fun and easy way to share with others and create conversations and engagement. Dog photos with your products and creating fun, unique hashtags are also great ways to boost up your engagement with your intended audience.


Another way to get your audience involved is by sharing opportunities like volunteering at local shelters, donations, fostering, and adoption which are great ways to show how much you care about your community. It’s always great to show that your organization isn’t afraid of giving back, which is something very important to us here at Neon Blvd as well.


Memorial Day — Monday, May 31st, 2021

As the unofficial start of summer and final holiday of May, Memorial Day is a great way to turn heads and create engagement for your business or organization. While most companies wait until the weekend before Memorial Day to start promoting their specials and deals, it’s ideal to start weeks in advance with smaller strategies such as postcards, emails, catalogs, and social posts on special sales or discounts coming up.


Also remembering to honor those who have sacrificed, served, and currently serving for the country is also important. So creating a social post on your social spaces will help generate conversations and engagement within your community.


Generating buzz as well as throwing yourself out there first will help you in engaging your audience before the rest of your competition does.


Holidays are one of the best times to create a relationship with your target audiences and odd or new social media holidays are always fun and engaging. You don’t have to hit every single holiday, but the finding ones that make you stand out from the rest and the campaigns that make you both relatable and shareable will position you for success.

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