How to Work While On Vacation: 6 Tips for a Working Vacation

How to Work While On Vacation: 6 Tips for a Working Vacation


Finding time for yourself in an ever-busy life can be a challenge and taking time for a vacation can be even more of one. Finding the middle ground between keeping up with your workload and having a relaxing vacation can be tough, so here are a few tips to help you have fun while on vacation but still finding time to work hard.


Preplanning Before D-Day

Planning in advance before your vacation will help serve you, your team, and your family during your time off. Making sure to not over-commit yourself will help when you are aiming to take a vacation. So touching base with your team on what will need to be covered and what deadlines are coming up can help you shift focus on what essential tasks need to be done prior to your vacation or what can wait until after your return.


Minimizing what you need to be keeping on your mind while on vacation will help you enjoy your time off and will help your family enjoy it more as well.


Checking and Utilizing Your Environment

If you plan on working during your vacation, making sure you have safe and secure networks are a must. Some places will stay true to being unplugged, so if you’re looking to get some work done, make sure to check your temporary work environment and connections, as well as what apps you might need for instant communication if you’re abroad. Don’t forget to also bring back-ups!


Designating Work Time

When deciding to work on vacation, you should find work time that doesn’t conflict with you or your family’s activities. Having time where you can focus on work that needs your full attention will give you an ease of mind and with less distractions. Checking in with your team to help clear your mind is okay, just don’t forget that taking a break is just as important as being on top of your workload when on vacation.


Setting Boundaries & Managing Expectations

Setting up boundaries on what issues your team should contact you on will help with creating a better workflow for you and our company. You shouldn’t be expected to be on-hand at the usual hours as you’re on vacation, so giving them a period of time when you are and want to be available will help with bridging that communication line.


Making sure to set boundaries for yourself is also a must. Utilizing out-of-office messages and auto-responders with the time you’ll be out and who to get in contact with for emergencies, limiting your email-checking time, and turning off notifications will ease your mind and allow for a more enjoyable vacation.


Prioritizing Your Time Off

Most of the time vacations are needed to help you and your well-being. You need to remind yourself that you have a life outside of work and having the time to focus on just that without having to work will help you feel energized and new.


Enjoying yourself while on vacation and also enjoying your work can be done, just with a little extra work.


Easing Back Into Your Workflow

Returning from a vacation can be just as tough as setting yourself up for one. Remembering that your vacation was there to help reenergize and refresh yourself will help you when jumping back into your workload. Padding yourself with a light day to ease your return will help with the feeling of deflation and the freedom the working vacation gave, plus having an easy day to catch up on your work will aid in transitioning back without the feeling of burnout.


Working vacations can be as challenging as they can be fun. It requires someone to be flexible, organized, and focused. It can be hard while trying to have the time of your life and working, but with a little bit of effort before, after, and during your vacation you can find the right balance of work and play. Remember though, it’s okay to be on vacation too, so enjoy it.

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