Educating Your Audience through engaging content paired withe mondern technology

Understanding Your Audience

Whether you are running a school, university, or educational service, your website is going to drive in a diverse audience of teachers, students, and parents who are looking for diverse types of information. It’s vital to understand that you need to provide each of them with an engaging and instructional experience with quick links to get the resources they need. A responsive design puts current and prospective members of your academic community in contact with your business no matter what device they are visiting from. This easily places all the services that you offer right in the palm of their hands.

Interactive Experience

Your website design serves as a digital depiction of your institution, and it allows you to visually interconnect the best features your school has to offer. Integrating interactive elements like virtual tours delivers your visitors with a exclusive look at your campus, and gives them a clear idea of the environment where they can live and learn. No matter where your school is located, people around the world can now access your campus when looking to further their education. Videos, photos, and other diverse multimedia selections can open the doors to new students, and give people a better idea of what academic opportunities you can offer them.

Define Your Goals

As an academic institution, your energies to educate your audience both in and outside of the classroom commence with your website. Having persuasive calls to action that inspire people to navigate throughout your site and study what your school has to offer is crucial to a successful design. You can increase awareness, enrollment, and recruitment rates by motivating visitors to “apply” or “visit” when they come to your page. These calls to action help your institution grow by engaging with your audience, and inviting them to absorb more about your community by becoming a part of it.

Branded Messaging

Growing your brand online entails a blend of traditional and modern elements to best characterize your school. Integrating contemporary website design features into the long-standing iconography and messaging that has always represented your institution develops a new identity for your school online. This opens the door for steady branded messaging and imagery across all digital platforms, allowing you to strengthen a community outside of the classroom. These website design elements will merge people from different campuses, majors, and interests under one name and institution.

Support & Training

The The Neon Blvd team believes in collaborative working. Our team aims to spend the time necessary to hold conference calls, skype meetings, or exchanging emails, educating your team members in digital strategy and guaranteeing an understanding of the motives behind the tactics we utilize and the results we attain.

Creative Concept Development

At The Neon Blvd, you’ll find an in-house The Neon Blvd team that creates high quality, on-brand content to support seasonal trends for your business.

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