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Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Website

Choosing the right domain name is an important part for the success of any business. Your domain name is your digital address, it helps your brand or business establish your online home and presence, also giving someone a first impression of who you are altogether. A strong domain name can help boost your SEO, make it easier for people to find your website, and in turn drive more traffic.


It can be tough to come down to a final decision on a domain name, so here are some ways to help you narrow down your options and choose the one that is fitting for you.


Finding the Right Length

Domain names can range to a maximum of 63, which isn’t something you should want to achieve. Having a shorter one, somewhere between 3 to 15 characters long or two to three words, is ideal. Keeping it short and simple will help with making your brand or website easier to remember and also with longer domain names comes more typos when users are entering your web address. Length is only one part of the domain name equation, having a recognizable and trustworthy address will help ring in more potential visitors.


Brand & Business Name

Aligning your domain name with your brand or business name is important. It can be the same, a variation of it, or with a keyword added on. Try avoiding hyphenations and double letters when creating a domain name as well. By keeping your domain name on brand it will help glue two and two together when users are searching for you online and help deliver a cohesive message to your target audience.


The Importance of Keywords When Used

Having relevant keywords in your domain name can help improve your chances of showing up on searches like Google, but are not always necessary. Keywords can come into play when including the product or service you offer (flowers or landscaping), or where you’re located. You don’t have to force keywords into your domain name, doing it isn’t a must, just a bonus if you can fit it in naturally.


Domain Endings & Extensions

By far the most popular domain ending or TLD (top-level domain) is .com, but there are so many out there that are rising in popularity. You might think that keeping it fresh and new might help, but with the .com, you’re looking at more familiarity with users as well as the majority of sites on the web using .com. We aren’t saying the standard is going with .com, but if you do decide on having a more unique TLD, you can always purchase the .com domain name and link it to your main web address.


Planning For the Future

Make sure your domain name isn’t going to limit you when it comes to growing your brand or business in the future. If you include keywords related to your industry or product, take precautionary steps to ensure that they are broad enough to allow room for growth. Of course, you can always change your domain name, but it will cost you time and money.


Avoiding Perfection

Finding the perfect domain name can be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack, and it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t get it. Spending too much time worrying about the perfect domain name can get you stuck in a never-ending circle and that shouldn’t be the focal point to your marketing strategy. Having strong ideas should be what you’re looking for, while having a perfect domain name is just an add-on for your website, brand, or business.


Your domain name isn’t just your digital address, but it’s also your digital billboard. Your domain name tells people who you are, it’s how they will remember you, and how they will look for you. Looking to come up with a strong and memorable domain name can be nerve-wracking. With the right amount of research, time, and brainstorming, choosing the right domain is possible. 

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