Why You Need a Website Manager

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When the internet just began things were a lot different. You could hire a designer, design your website and be finished. The website you created would then sit on the internet and visitors would come in. Flash forward to our day, websites need maintenance. Managing a website in the modern online market is a job […]

ClickFunnels 101

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What’s all the fuss about ClickFunnels… Marketing funnels (also called sales funnels) are all the rage now. Not only is it a vital component of internet marketing, it’s something we specialize here at The Neon Blvd in doing. We can take the guesswork out of ClickFunnels for you and supply you with a funnel that’s […]

How Valuable Google Analytics Is To Your Success

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Do you track traffic to your website? I’m often astonished by how little Google Analytics is used by the small business owners that I work with. Everyone knows the importance of marketing online, having a good website, blogging, and using social media. Yet using Google Analytics is often ignored, even though it’s a serious part […]

The Top SEO Myths Right Now

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When businesses are looking to turn their website into a lead generation tool, we constantly recommend a search engine optimization (SEO) stratagem. Why? Because you can’t produce new leads with a website if prospects can’t find it when they are searching online. However, we’ve found that a lot of people have a bad taste in […]

How Neon Blvd Views SEO

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Search Engine Optimization is at the heart of what we do at The Neon Blvd.  Owning a website without carrying out SEO is like having a car with no motor:  It may sit there, simply existing, but it will not get anywhere. SEO BY THE NUMBERS According to Internet Live Stats and Search Engine Land– […]