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about us

We’re a digital experience development agency

We are big thinkers with a passion for creating brilliant ideas and transforming them into smart, well-designed, innovative experiences.

what we do

A Design-First Agency

What does that mean? It means that we never use templates. All of our design solutions begin with brand research and all of our design is catered to enhance and work with the brand at hand.

It means we are always exploring the new, never repeating our steps, always innovating user interactions, conversion flows and creative storytelling.​

Digital Strategy

Before we define any approach, we need to define the brands overall goal. We then need dive in and provide a full analysis of content, search engine keywords, competitor analysis, proper channels to engage in, and outline the proper plan to achieve these goals.


The core of all of our solutions are approached from a design first methodology. We believe first impressions are everything. Our customers are in constant stimulus and if we aren't able to engage them with a visually stunning, innovative and smart, yet simple experience, they will move on to the next big thing.

Custom Solutions

We don't believe in the cookie cutter approach to any of our solutions. We always deliver solutions that are custom engineered around our clients needs, business processes, and simplify their digital workflows.

Integrated Marketing

Our approach to delivering digital multi-channel solutions, stem from an understanding of what digital optimal channels will most deliver on your return on investment.
Creative & Passionate About Digital

Our Team

Andrew Figurelli

Creative Director


Sales & Marketing Manager


Director of Web Development


Director of UX/UI


Director of Media
Katrina Neonblvd


Director of Operations




Our Mission

Branding, websites and digital



precision and creativity.

Andrew Figurelli

Creative Director / Owner

This is the best web design company I have ever worked with. They do amazing work and I will use Neon Blvd exclusively in all future work. I recommend them highly.

Lance W.

Source Management

Neon Blvd is awesome! They’re always able to take my company’s (many) idea’s and make them reality! 11/10

Kyley C.

Senior Living Agent

Andrew and the Neon Blvd team are great at what they do and don’t take any shortcuts in giving you the website you need. They helped us develop a simple e-commerce site much faster than our internal team would have been capable. Excited to work with them again in the future!

Marcus C.

G&G Vita