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A Neon Blvd Guide to Instagram Stories for Business

Neon Blvd, a leading digital marketing agency in Las Vegas, is aware of the need of making the most of the capabilities offered by social media platforms in order to engage and expand your audience. Instagram Stories is one such technique that has gained popularity in the field of digital marketing. Instagram Stories offers a powerful platform for businesses to promote their brand and connect with their audience, boasting over 500 million daily active users. Here is our guide to using this technology effectively for your company.

Instagram Stories: What are they?

Users can upload photographs and videos to Instagram Stories, a feature that makes them disappear after 24 hours. These Instagram stories don’t show up on the user’s profile grid like ordinary Instagram posts do. Instead, they’re prominently featured at the top of the follower’s newsfeed, which makes them perfect for time-sensitive content and extremely visible.

1. Showcase Your Products or Services How to Use Instagram Stories for Your Business

Instagram Stories are a fantastic tool for showing off your goods or services in use. Stories make it simple to illustrate the value your business offers, whether it’s a sneak peek of an impending product launch, a behind-the-scenes look at how your product is manufactured, or a step-by-step tutorial on how to utilize your service.

2. Engage Your Audience

Polls, question boxes, and sliders, among other interactive elements in Instagram Stories, offer a special opportunity to engage with your audience. For instance, you can use the poll tool to get opinions on a new product or the question box feature to organize a Q&A session. This not only improves your comprehension of your audience but also gives them a sense of importance and respect.

3. Emphasize Client Endorsements

Customer endorsements are an effective way to increase your brand’s credibility and trust. Instagram Stories makes it simple to post these reviews in an eye-catching manner. To make it simple for new visitors to discover what previous clients have to say about your company, you can even store these testimonials to a “Testimonials” highlight on your profile.

4. Disclose Time-Limited Offers

Instagram Stories are ideal for marketing flash deals and limited-time bargains because they last for 24 hours. Customers are prompted to act right away by the sense of urgency provided by the fading material, increasing your sales.

5. Work with Influential People

Instagram is renowned for having a vibrant influencer scene. You can reach a wider audience by working with influencers that support your company. You may quickly share content made by influencers using Instagram tales, tag them in your tales, or even temporarily give them control of your Instagram account.

6. Use Instagram Story Ads

Full-screen advertisements for Instagram are displayed in-between user stories. With the help of these advertising, you can reach potential clients depending on criteria such as age, interests, location, and more. These advertisements can greatly increase your conversion rates if they include a compelling call to action and appealing graphics.


In conclusion, Instagram Stories offer a special chance for businesses to engage with their audience and strengthen their brand because of their great visibility and interesting features. They do, however, need a well-thought-out strategy and a firm grasp of your target demographic, just like any other marketing tool.

Neon Blvd specializes in developing effective digital marketing plans that are specific to the demands of your company. We can assist you in making the most of this tool, whether you’re new to Instagram Stories or hoping to improve your present efforts. Make contact with us right away so we can enlighten the way to your company’s success.

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