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5 Ways to Get Your Website Noticed on Google

 5 Ways to Get Your Website Noticed on Google


Finding ways to highlight your business in the digital marketing space can be difficult, especially when trying to get noticed on a place like Google. This is something most businesses strive for. Being on the top of the results page helps develop visibility, drives traffic, and in turn more leads into your business, community, and content.


How can I stand out? That’s the question everyone wants an answer to, and there isn’t one true answer. There are a plethora of ways to help improve your standing with Google. Here are 5 ways to get your website to get noticed:


  1. Titles and keywords
  2. Creating more content
  3. Maximizing internal webflow
  4. Mobile optimization
  5. Social media and external linking



Titles and Keywords

Having descriptive titles, links as well as having clear, concise topics and relevant keywords on your webpages and in your meta tags will help you on the path to get noticed on Google. This can place your website higher in the search results. Don’t forget about prioritizing image tags as well.

Having the right keywords and tags for pictures and images you use on your pages allows them to pop up in Google searches as well when you maximize your image SEO (search engine optimization).

Creating More Content

Search engines like Google love fresh, new content. So producing more content, whether it be a blog post, an image, or just a simple update, it would allow for the algorithms to take notice. Leading to potential visibility increases and in turn for more traffic for your website.

Maximizing Internal Webflow

Having webpages seamlessly connected from content to content is important in creating internal traffic for your website. Hyperlinking keywords to other pages on your website will hint to the search engine algorithms that the content your business produces is relevant.

Google crawls through your website hitting each link finding relevance to what keywords are used in their search engine. This also helps with users staying on your website for content, versus just stopping by and leaving. Finding that connection and relevance will help Google see that your website is search engine optimized.

Mobile Optimization

Making sure that your website is mobile-friendly is important in this day and age. Most people have a smartphone or mobile device. Being able to check on your website and it’s content whenever and wherever is a key ingredient when trying to boost traffic and in turn get noticed by Google.

Social Media and External Linking

Bringing traffic from outside sources will boost your visibility to Google by showcasing to the algorithm that your content is relevant. Social media spaces like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are great places to post or publish links to your content to allow for easier sharing. This provides the option of bringing in more unique viewers and traffic. Having your content used as external links on partnering websites or articles also helps drive this new traffic and once again showcase to Google how relevant your content is. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other blogs or websites that produce similar content. Asking for a collaboration might help you reach new audiences and create more working partnerships.


Driving traffic to your website is a key factor in getting Google to notice you. Making sure you have relevant content and keywords are just as important when wanting to snatch the user’s attention. Understanding the content you create and how to build relationships off of them are valuable when striving for the front pages of Google searches along with following our 5 Ways to Get Your Website Noticed on Google.


Also don’t forget to register and use Google Analytics, it’s one of the best ways to keep track of what is working and what isn’t with your website. You can find our piece here on how valuable Google Analytics can be for you and your business.

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